Leadiiinglady’s Love List: Make-up 💄

I told you guys before that I would post my make-up love list for you guys and so here it is! In this post, I will be showing you the make-up products I have been loving! What’s great about these are that they are pretty much for everyday looks plus most of them are affordable. Will include where you can buy these products so you guys can check them out! 💕

BB Creams

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What I love about the Korean BB Creams is that one, they’re very light – most of them have a natural looking finish. Two, they make your skin glow! Like seriously! They give me this kind of glow I never had before. Three, there are so many natural ingredients that help your skin in the process and so it’s like make-up + skincare! What could be better than that? I guess the only unfortunate thing I would say is that most of them only come in 2 shades and so it’s a bit harder for a lot of people to use.

1. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (No. 21)

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This was my first Korean BB Cream! And I love it! When I put it on my skin, it feels so light and yes, there is a glow. This is the perfect everyday BB Cream because the coverage isn’t that great but it covers enough and so your skin can still breathe. I bought this because I wanted to use BB Creams instead of regular foundation because of the pros it has such as SPF, skin lightening and pore tightening. I wanted an everyday BB Cream that could also be a skincare product and this is what I found. I recommend this to those of you who want to sport that no make-up make-up look. Because really, the finish is so natural!

You can buy this on Beauty MNL!

2. The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream

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Tbh, I bought this because I wanted more BB creams hahaha I liked the first one so much that I wanted to try out more. This is the one I’ve currently been using. It’s the best-selling BB cream of The Face Shop! And it’s wonderful. I wanted to see if I could find a BB cream with more coverage and I read some reviews saying this was really good and so I decided to try it out. It’s a bit pricey. I think it’s around P1199 in The Face Shop but it’s a huge bottle and I can tell you now it’s worth it!!! The finish is a bit thicker compared to that of Missha but it is still very light. What I love about this is that it stays on! I’ve been having dance rehearsals for the production I’m in and this is what I’ve been using and by the time I’m done with 5 hours of dancing, it’s still there! I would definitely recommend this to those of you who want to try a BB cream that has good coverage but is still lightweight!

You can buy this at any The Face Shop branch!


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These are my two trusty concealers! I know I’ve boasted about them before but here I am to boast about them again 😉 They’re both from the SAEM which is a Korean brand! Note these are VERY AFFORDABLE. Plus they both have SPF and so my love for these two obviously doubles!!! One is for under my eyes and the other one is for scars and blemishes! I usually use two different kinds because I need one to be more moisturizing while I need the other one to have more coverage. And these two work great together and so yay ❤

3. the SAEM Cover Perfection Liquid Concealer

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I use this concealer for under my eyes. I read in reviews that this concealer is very moisturizing and that’s what I need especially for me because my under eyes tend to get dry and I hate it when my fine lines begin to show like ugh so annoying hahaha and so I really researched for a good one and this is what I found. I am so glad I decided to try it out because it works so well for me!!! It is very moisturizing but it still manages to cover up my dark circles! And by the end of the day, my dark circles arent dry but plump and moisturized. Definitely a game changer.

4. the SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer

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This is the concealer I use for blemishes and scars! The coverage of this one is higher compared to that of the first. And it’s a bit less moisturizing which is why it’s perfect for my skin because I have oily skin! Also, what I love about this concealer is that it’s a perfect dupe for NARS concealer which’s price is like 4 times more??? It covers up my scars really well and it lasts pretty long. You’ll have to re-apply it after a few hours but I don’t mind because it’s also really small and so I can bring it around in my make-up case everywhere I go!

You can buy this on Althea Korea or in different instagram shops that sell Korean products!

Brows & Lashes

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 I love my brows and lashes and so I want to give them the best look they can get! I got these two in The Face Shop. What I love about them is that they’re really good PLUS they’re super affordable. I got the mascara for P595 and the brow pencil for P285. How awesome is that???

5. The Face Shop Super Proof Mascara

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Before I bought this, I really wanted to find a mascara that could be many things – affordable, waterproof, smudgeproof and not “cumply”. It’s hard to find a mascara with all four properties BUT I have to say that I found all of them in this one! This is a very light mascara. The finish is pretty light which I really appreciate because I use this for my everyday make-up look. It is not cumply AT ALL. It’s very thin and it looks natural! Also, this mascara is smudgeproof and waterproof! I have a tendency of rubbing my eyes a lot especially when I have contacts on and I would hate it when the mascara would rub onto my under eyes because I have really dark circles to begin with and so when that happens, I look like a zombie ugh. And so I love how this doesn’t do that. Be sure to take it off with a make-up cleanser though or eye make-up remover cause it’s a bit hard to remove but I guess that is what comes with having super proof mascara hahaha

6. The Face Shop Style My Eyebrows Eyebrow Pencil

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What I love about this eyebrow pencil is that you really see it. It’s not like one of those eyebrow pencils that are so light you can’t even tell the difference??? With this one, I can really shape my eyebrow and shade in all the necessary parts (like my scar). Also, this really stays! Like I said, I’ve been having dance rehearsals in a non-airconditioned place but even though I’ve been sweating for hours, I’d look in the mirror and my brows still exist. All thanks to this! And guess what’s the best part? It only costs P285! So go and buy yourself one now! 😉

You can buy both of these at any The Face Shop branch!

Eyeshadow Palettes

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These are the two palettes I use all the time whether it be for everyday make-up or heavy make-up. They’re a bit pricey because they’re from high end make-up brands BUT their colors are beautiful. I’m sure you’ll use them more than once! I don’t usually use eyeshadow for my natural make-up look, but when I do, I just apply a bit of a light pinkish nude on my lids and sometimes shimmer to give me that “bright-eyed look”.

7. Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Palette

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This is my go-to palette for most of my eyeshadow base colors. It is a very neutral palette with browns, pinks, yellows, basically the neutral colors. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t use this palette because the colors are just very versatile, you can use these colors for the base or crease or whatever you want. They are also very pigmented and so you don’t have to apply too much to give your lids color. My favorite colors for my everyday look are super mom and natural beauty. Super mom is a very light shade of pink, very subtle and classy. Natural beauty is a beautiful pinkish nude that I like using all the time! If you guys need a palette with good neutral colors and one that you want to use all the time, I would recommend this one for you!

You can buy this in Sephora or online instagram beauty shops!

8. Juvia’s Nubian 2 Palette

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I admit that this is one of my “out there” palettes. When I first got this palette I was like, what am I going to do with these colors??? Eventually, I realized this palette really works well for my Disney Princess looks (which is pretty much my job) and there are some colors I could incorporate in my everyday look. My favorite colors from this palette would be Zuri, Morocco and Madagascar. Zuri is a light bronze color, very glittery and pigmented which I LOVE. I think you can tell that I use it a lot… hahaha just look at it. Morocco on the other hand is the perfect shade of orange. You know how orange is an “in color” right now? As in, having the perfect shade of orange is super important. This is my perfect shade of orange! Madagascar on the other hand is a really brown shade, I like using this for my crease or at the tips of my lids for a subtle smokey eye effect. Again, this eyeshadow palette is very pigmented and perfect for those who need some color in their lives!

You can buy this on many instagram beauty shops!


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Aside from my trusty NYX Soft Matte lippies, these are the other lipsticks I’ve been loving! Happy Skin Disney and Kylie Lippie Mattes are my loves. These are all very pigmented lipsticks which I appreciate. I love lipsticks, it’s one of the make-up products I really spend on – thus my choice of favorite lipsticks. They’re a bit on the pricey side but I can tell you that they’re worth it!

9. Happy Skin x Disney Lipsticks

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These are my loves!!! Note, I don’t only use these for work, I also use them for my everyday make-up look! I just love the colors. They are very pigmented, versatile and different! I could use the Aurora Lipstick for a day time hangout, I could use the Anna Lipstick for a date night and I could use Elsa Lipstick for a club party! What’s a big plus is that these lipsticks are SUPER MOISTURIZING! I get chapped lips real easily and so it helps that I have a lipstick + lip balm in one. That’s why I find these very handy and I always make sure I have one in my make-up bag!

You can buy these in Beauty Bar, Zalora or from the Happy Skin Website!

10. Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Mini Mattes

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This was the first Kylie Cosmetics product I ever purchased. I purchased the whole Holiday Mini Mattes Kit but I only really used these three colors and so far, they have been amazing! These are the shades Ginger, Love Bite and Moon. Ginger has a bit of a…. ginger shade hahahaha I actually wrote about it in one of my blog posts before! Check it out here! 🙂 Moon is a nudish brown, it looks a bit darker on me cause I’m light-skinned but I don’t mind cause I like the shade. Love Bite on the other hand is a dark purple shade, similar to the Elsa shade and so I also use this sometimes when I play Elsa. A note about these lippies though is that it’s VERY IMPORTANT to moisturize your lips! Put lip balm before putting these on so that your lips won’t be too dry since they’re matte!

You can buy this on the Kylie Cosmetics website or from Kylie Cosmetics MNL which is where I bought mine! It’s 100% safe and legit!


11. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Sensual

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This is my go-to everyday blush! It supposed to stay for 12-hours and that’s what it does! I love the color sensual because it’s a peachy nude which looks good on my light skin. It’s very pigmented but is still very subtle and natural looking. These are one of those make-up products that I would buy again and again after I’ve run out. It’s a bit pricey but super worth it. I’ve been using this for 4 months straight and it’s as if I haven’t scratched the surface, there is still so much left and that makes me happy 🙂

Buy this now in Sephora or an online instagram beauty shop!


12. Anastasia Glow Kit in Sun-dipped

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This is my favorite highlighter palette. Like ever. This is it!!!!! hahaha the colors are beautiful and they are super duper pigmented! If you wanna check out the glow it gives, check out my everyday make-up blog post here! The glow is beautiful and pigmented but still very subtle. My favorite shade would be Summer because it’s a color I can use everyday. It’s very light as compared to the others. I use Tourmaline or Moonstone when I’m doing my stage make-up while I use Bronzed for really dark make-up looks such as when I’m Princess Jasmine. This palette is a bit pricey. But there is so much product (this palette is HUGE) and four different colors PLUS they really deliver and so I’d like to think it’s worth the price!

You can buy this on any online instagram beauty shop!

Make-up Beauty Tools

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Make-up tools are as important as the make-up products themselves. Don’t forget though to clean these tools regularly because they are the ones that touch your face and you wouldn’t want dirty make-up tools to cause you to break out. Here are some of my favorite make-up tools!

13. Happy Skin Air Touch Sponge

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I got this because I really wanted to find a sponge that was soft and has good quality but still very affordable (I think Beauty Blenders are crazy over priced) and this is what I found. It’s still pretty pricey but at least it’s lower than P600. What I like about this sponge is that it’s pretty, it’s made so it can be used for many things (there are different parts of the sponge that are used for different parts of your face) and you caneither wet it for a softer application or keep it dry! I love the finished look it leaves on my face. It’s an airbrushed blended kind of look! And so if you guys need a sponge but do not want to spend so much for a beauty blender, this is for you!

You can buy this at the Beauty Bar or on the Happy Skin website!

14. Oval Paddle Brushes

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These are the brushes I use all the time!!! But the one I use the most is the foundation brush. I just love the kind of finish it leaves on my skin. When it comes to using other brushes and sponges, there are times when the finish is too thick and so it doesn’t set right and ends up smudging everywhere. And the thing is I have oily skin and so if my make-up doesn’t set it becomes runny and gross. This brush helps spread the foundation out and blends it really well onto my skin. And so if you guys are looking for a foundation brush that doesn’t leave a too thick finish but still manages to give the right coverage, this is it!

You can buy this on online instagram beauty shops for very affordable prices!

15. Pure Brush Shampoo from Suesh

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Of course when you have make-up tools, you need to have soaps/shampoos to clean those tools especially your sponger and brushes. This is my go-to brush shampoo. This is only P100 pesos! It really takes off all the dirt and make-up off the make-up brushes. What I love about this is that it also works well with my make-up sponges as well. I can literally see the make-up come off the sponges, especially when I squeeze them. It’s crazy! hahaha just a note, make sure to clean your make-up tools regularly. I like to clean my brushes and sponges once a week because I really use them a lot plus I have sensitive skin and so this really prevents dirt from getting on my tools and causing my face to break out!

You can buy this in any Suesh branch!


Well, there you go! That was Leadiiinglady’s Love List for make-up! These are my current make-up loves! Of course, this isn’t the last Love List I’ll post, next month, I’ll come up with a new Love List for skincare and make-up so stay tuned for that!

My next blog post will be coming out on Tuesday and it’ll be about my current skincare routine! I made some changes and so I decided to update it for you guys since some of you have been asking about it! Next week, I’ll also be posting about my latest skincare and make-up haul cause ahhhh I went on a spree and bought a lot of products that I want to show you guys!!!

Let me know in the comments section if you guys have any requests about what YOU want me to post about! I’ll be looking forward to them 😉

Til the next post!

leadiiinglady xx

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