Travel 101: My Must-Haves when Traveling โœˆ๏ธ

Soooooo I just got back from Guam!!! If you guys don’t know, I was actually born there and so it was pretty cool to go back after 22 years. I went with my best friend, Lizelle whom I have been friends with since I was kindergarten! She’s pretty much my travel buddy! It’s our lifelong dream to travel the world together. So far, we’ve been to Singapore, Japan, Spain, Canada and now Guam. Up next, USA??? Maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve been traveling a lot recently – last year I went to the U.S., New Zealand, Australia and Japan. I just love traveling! My love for traveling came about because I was exposed to it at a very young age. Traveling was and is still my family’s way of bonding. Every summer, we would go some place new. It’s something that I’ve always looked forward to! Now that I’m older, I not only get to travel with my family but with my friends as well – in April, I plan to go to Palawan, in June, I’m going on a roadtrip across the USA with my family and in August, my friend Bea and I are going to Korea (which I’m so excited for cause BEAUTY PRODUCTS AHHH) Anyway, those are just some of the few places I plan to go to this year but there are still so many on my list and I’m just hoping that I get to go to them all โค๏ธ

Anyway… do you need help packing for your next trip? Well, here is a list of my own MUST HAVES when traveling! This post is for all you young travelers out there! Travel 101: My Must Haves when Traveling!


Okay, so this is just my thing. I loveeee having pretty/witty/colorful cases with lots of personality – especially when I’m traveling. Because one, it lessens the chance of me mixing up some of my stuff with my friend’s things and two, it just makes everything much more fun for me! There’s just so much personality (especially with these specific cases) and it just really describes me as a person. I mean, what better way to describe yourself than with your travel organizers?


These are your passport, boarding pass, hotel reservation, credit card, cash, itinerary etc. These are very important when it comes to traveling. They’re the reason you can travel in the first place! When it comes to your passport, make sure you have an extra photocopy version with you at all times in case of emergencies or you could also take a picture of it with your phone. As for your cash, something I like to do is only take a certain amount with me and leave the rest in the SAFE in the hotel room. This allows me to budget my money (bahahaha) and in case someone steals my bag while I’m out *knocks on wood*, I still have extra cash back in the hotel room! When it comes to the itinerary, I like having an idea of what I want to do. On some days, I schedule trips and visits but on other days I like to just go out and explore and let my feet take me wherever! So this one is completely up to you!


I cannot travel without my camera. AS IN. This is a need!!!! I only got into photography in my third year of college but since then, I have always brought my camera with me everywhere. Some people ask me what camera I use for my blogposts and it’s my Canon 70D! I love Canon! I think they’re very user-friendly and they take quality pictures! My favorite form of photography though is portrait photography – and so I like taking pictures of people, animals, objects. I find landscape photography quite a challenge. I still have to master it but that doesn’t stop me from taking pictures of the beautiful places I get to visit.


These are the important gadgets I need while traveling! These include my laptop, phone and powerbank! I usually bring my laptop during long trips because I have to transfer and edit pictures. A powerbank is something that is very useful but I always forget to bring one! Idk why I always forget but it’s a good thing my friend, Lizelle always brings two. She knows me so well!


I ended up buying this purple pillow in the airport because I totally forgot mine (?) This is a need for me because I have such a hard time sleeping in the plane without this! Plus I get really bad neck pain. Good thing is you can get this almost anywhere and they come in a bunch of colors and designs! Aside from my pillow, I also like bringing my little companion which is a meaningful/important stuffed toy. I know, I’m such a child but I can’t leave home without one! This is Shao-Shao! Both my boyfriend and I have one hahaha and he’s been my little buddy for a while so I decided to bring him with me. I can’t sleep without Shap-Shao! Especially if I’m in an unfamiliar place.


This is my trusty makeup travel kit! This only has the makeup that I really NEED for the trip – so that’s my everyday foundation, concealer, powder, blush, lip stick etc. I don’t like bringing all my makeup with me especially when traveling cause there’s a risk I might lose something or there’s a risk that my carry-on bag may be a bit overweight hahahaha just so you know, this is the one I also carry with me in my bag when I got out for the day. They basically contain the same things! When packing your makeup travel kit, think about what you NEED and what you actually plan to use. That way you save space and weight!


Going to a country with hot weather? You’re gonna need these two! I like brining a cap with me everywhere just cause I like wearing caps in general. I don’t bring it just cause it’ll be sunny hehe, I also bring it as a fashion statement – but it definitely is more than that. As for my sunglasses, I always make sure to bring at least one pair (which could go with any of my outfits). I have very sensitive eyes and so this is a must for me! I hate squinting plus it’ll give you fine lines so bring a pair! You might think you need more than one cause of the many different outfits you’ll wear but trust me, one is more than enough!


If you’re like me and you like writing down your plans for the day/memories, then do yourself a favor and bring a planner. I always bring my planner with me everywhere I go and so it’s convenient that my planner is tiny. (hi tiny Starbucks planner) I DO NOT like forgetting things and so I always make sure to fill up my planner. Especially when it comes to traveling, it helps me remember the places I explored, the people I met and the memories I made!


I, for one, take A LOT of pictures. And that requires me to transfer them to my hard drive or else I will have no space. And so I always make sure to bring my hard drive with me whenever I go on trips! This makes it so much easier cause I don’t need to worry about limiting my pictures. I can just click away (which I love to do) hahaha Seagate has been the only brand for me since I got my first hard drive and it has made my life so much easier!!!! I cannot stress this enough!


Are you a skincare addict? Yeah, me too. This is another must for me. I need to bring my skincare products with me everywhere! I try to cut them down so my bag isn’t too heavy but sometimes I can’t help it. Here’s a tip though (which I didn’t do haahaha) buy small containers from Beabi (check that store out! They have the BEST ORGANIZERS) so that you don’t have to bring your full-sized products! I didn’t have time to buy and so I wasn’t able to do this but next time I will for sure! This will make things so much easier for you because one, your luggage won’t be as heavy (mine was heavy cause of all of these) and two, if you lose it, it’s KINDA fine since you have the actual product safe at home!


That’s it for my travel must bring post! What do you guys think I should add to this list?

I know it was pretty short. My schedule has been crazy lately but I promise you guys that I’ll come out with more posts next week! Stay tuned for my blog post about Guam as well as my SKINCARE HAUL POST next week! I’m sure you guys will enjoy it!!! ๐Ÿ’–

Til the next post!

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