This Summer, Rock that Frizz! 🙆🏻

Who here has had frizzy hair all their life? 🙋🏻🙋🏽🙋🏼

Well, welcome to the club! I’ve had frizzy hair for as long as I can remember and since then, it’s been a roller coaster ride, going from one product to another, trying to tame my curls. But throughout the years, I realized, why tame them when you can embrace them? That’s right! Don’t go through the hassle of straightening your hair out every single morning with some hairspray or mousse. Instead, enhance your curls! Make them standout! Make them BONGGA!!!!!

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Okay, I get that frizzy hair can be a hassle especially during summer time (I MEAN THIS HEAT IS KILLER) BUT that’s why, I’m here to share with you guys a few products that I’ve been using a lot, to help you rock your curls without having to worry about yourself looking like a caveman (hahahahaha it’s true doe)

Okay, so here are a few of my favorite products for all my “frizzy-friends” out there!!!

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1. LUSH R&B Hair Moisturizer

This is one of my favorites. Ever. First of all, it smells amazing!!! It smells refreshing and sweet but not too sweet if you know what I mean. This is actually my second tub! Yeah, I know, it’s a bit pricey (P975 from LUSH) but me getting another tub just proves that this stuff actually works! What this product does is that it moisturizes your hair and scalp. The problem sometimes with frizzy hair is that it can get dry really easy and so it’s great to have something that can hydrate and quench your curls, especially during the excruciating heat of summertime!

What I like about this product is that even though it feels a bit thick, it’s not so heavy. It’s actually pretty light! (Just don’t use too much product! This goes for all the products I mention!) Sometimes, it may feel like you didn’t put enough even after your hair is already full of product. Just relax! It takes time for the products to take effect, you won’t see it right away especially if your hair is wet!

Also, one tub can last you a long time! And so it ends up becoming “sulit” for me. When I use R&B hair moisturizer, my hair is instantly moisturized. This doesn’t necessarily define my curls per say but it definitely prevents my hair from going back to its frizzy dry self.

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2. Beach Born Sea Salt Spray

This is the most affordable sea salt spray I ever purchased! It’s only P180 from Beach Born PH. You can check out their Instagram here! What I like about this spray is that it makes me feel like I’ve just come from the beach, even though I’ve literally just come out of my shower. It has a very sea salty sweet smell which I personally like!

Some like applying this after curling their hair but personally, I like applying this right after I shower because it helps define my curls more as they dry without my hair becoming too frizzy! Caution though, don’t put too much, because it can cause your hair to become hard and sticky. And so just take it easy! Just spray your hair a few times and use your hands to crunch up your curls to help define them more! And I swear you’ll look good!

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3. 2 Chic Avocado and Olive Oil Anti-Frizz Serum Oil

This is a product I would recommend for those of you who have crazy frizzy hair. Like small curls kind of frizzy. Because this works to calm them down. To be honest, this is an okay product for me because I’m not too crazy about oil products – they just make my hair too oily and so I don’t like using them much. BUT this product can work if you have really dry hair since this product helps hydrate your frizzy hair to prevent it from becoming frizzy.

This product is from Healthy Options and so it’s a bit pricey. This isn’t a bad product but I don’t think I’ll repurchase, at least not for the price. It’s just not for me and my hair. But hey, if your hair is extra dry and you need some serum/oil to fix it up, this could be the one for you!

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4. Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Cream

This is my favorite among all these products. And this is the latest product I’ve tried. I actually bought this while I was in Guam. And I’ve been loving it ever since!!! It’s just perfect for my hair. The way I like my hair to be is not too frizzy but not too curly either. I like natural waves -and when I tried this product, I got just that. And the smell is so good!!!! It’s grape seed and jasmine extract! HEAVEN.

Anyway, I like putting this on right after I wash my hair cause that’s when it’s most effective. I only put a bit! Afterwards, I finger comb my hair and crunch my curls up to define them more. After my hair dries, it leaves no kind of residue. My hair isn’t sticky. My hair isn’t too oily. It’s just right. The only thing it leaves behind is a lovely scent! I recommend this product for those of you who want to enhance their curls but want a natural kind of look! I don’t know where you can buy this in the Philippines but I’ll let you guys know if I do! If you’re abroad and have the chance, go buy it! You’ll love it, I swear!

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5. LUSH Sunny Day Anti Static Hair Detangler

I like this product because it really helps detangle my hair. I’m one of those girls that don’t brush their hair – because if I do, my hair will become really frizzy. And so I finger-comb it. This though results in many tangles and so it’s great for me to have a hair detangler on hand to help with that! And so far, this has been it for me!

It has a Jasmine Citrus-sy scent. It smell fresh which I like. After showering, I like to spray a bit on my hair before applying my hair defining cream! Don’t put too much though or else your hair will get hard and sticky! Just spray a few times and leave it at that! That’s when you finger-comb your hair. As long as you don’t use too much product at one time, it’ll work for you! Also, this product is a bit pricey, it costs P825 at LUSH BUT the bottle lasts for a while (if you use it properly) and so it ends up becoming worth it for me.


So there! Those are 5 products that I think can help you and your frizzy hair out this summer! Frizzy hair can be a hassle for some of you, but embrace it! Learn to love it! You are so lucky to have hair with such volume. You’d be surprised as to how many girls want that kind of hair. So many girls nowadays go through the hassle of curling their hair every single day. For us, all we need to do is put on a little product and BOOM beautiful voluminous hair! And so take care of your hair this summer, girls! Don’t ever ever take your beautiful hair for granted! Now, go out in the sun & have some fun! 🌞

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By the way, stay tuned for more blog posts coming out – one on different foundations, one on primers and one on new make-up looks! These will be coming out on soon! 🌸 AND a rather personal but special post will be coming out soon as well! So don’t miss out!

Til the next post!

leadiiinglady xx

DISCLAIMER: These are my personal opinions on my chosen several products. If they work for you, they work for you! If they don’t, I’m sure there are other products out there for you! Be sure to take care of yourselves always! xx

The Everyday “I do’s”

Valentine’s Day.

For some people this is a day they look forward to because it’s a day they get to share with a loved one while for others, this is a day they dread because it reminds them that they’re single or in other words, “forever alone”.

For some it’s filled with flower bouquets, chocolates and fancy dinners while for others it’s filled with chick flicks alone in bed, a table for one and chocolates bought for oneself.

Well, this post is for everyone out there. Whether you’re married, in a complicated relationship, single or dating.

Here, I share with you some random thoughts, poems, articles, writings about different kinds of love. Note: I’m not much of a writer and so this is a big step out “into the light” for me. And yes, they’re quite, personal, I know. But I believe these are thoughts and feelings that need to be shared because who knows? You might have felt the same way too.

And so I give you a glimpse into my little world of love that has brought both pleasure & pain.


What Love Feels Like

I wonder what love feels like.

I wonder how it feels

To think about someone

To have someone greet you goodmorning and goodnight

To have someone hold your hand

To hear someone say ‘I miss you’

To have someone be your plus one

To have someone you can spoil

To have someone you can cuddle with

To have someone you can call your ‘partner’.

I wonder how it feels to have someone who won’t make you second guess if you’re pretty enough, good enough or smart enough to be loved.

But hey, I’d like to think I am already loved.

Loved by my own self.

How about you?


I Fell in Love with Him like How You Learn to Ride a Bike

I fell in love with him like how you learn to ride bike.

At first, you start slow. You’re extra careful because even with the training wheels, you feel that at any moment you could fall. You’re wearing a helmet and those elbow and knee pads for extra safety just in case you lose control or take a wrong turn. And you make sure your dad is always beside you, ready to catch you when you fall.

When you start getting the hang of things, you ask your dad to watch you from a distance. You start peddling a little faster knowing that the helmet and pads will protect you. Hell, you even have training wheels and so you know balancing won’t be a problem.

Then, you get a little more confident. You ask your dad to take off the training wheels. First, you start out slow and you notice it’s a little harder without them, but you take a chance and ride it out. You fall a few times but you realize that it doesn’t hurt so bad. You start to peddle faster and you learn that it actually makes balancing a lot easier.You now feel the wind through your hair and enjoy the feeling.

Now, you don’t bother to put on your helmet or your knee pads. You run out the door, grab your bike and just go. Because you’re not afraid. In fact, you’re brave. Brave to the point that you’ve become reckless. You jump head first because you’re so willing to take the risk. And so when you do, you give it your all and just fall.

And that’s exactly what I did. I just fell.

I fell for you.


How Do I Say ‘I love you’

How do I say I love you without lifetime guarantee no mention of forever between you and me?

How do I say I need you, all your flaws all your fears?

How do I say please stay ’til morning? Please don’t disappear.

What do I say when what I feel for you is more than what I had planned?

That I bravely crossed the line and there’s no more going back

What if this is what its come to taking chances, taking falls?

When I say I love you, will you answer my call?


“I Hate You” I said.

I’m nothing more than your ‘right now’. 

Is that all I’m worth?

Should I dare go for you ‘forever’?

Or maybe it’s just pointless.

And so I’ll tell you that I hate you

I hate how happy you make me with just a simple “hello”.

I hate how I catch you staring at me, smiling.

I hate how you tell me to take care of myself.

I hate how perfect it feels when we’re together.

I hate how I feel pain and you feel nothing.

I hate how I imagine a future with you, a future I may never even be part of.

But most of all, I hate how I can’t hate you.

I hate how I love you too much that it kills me everyday.

It’s not fair. It will never be fair. And so maybe I should just accept it. 

Because loving you is all I’ll ever know.


Lover or Career?

This has been a reason for conflict among couples for ages.

Let’s say you want to travel abroad to pursue your dream but your partner has no plans of going abroad.

So what do you do? Do you choose to go abroad to pursue your career or do you stay, for him/her?

Well, first of all, a partner who really cares about you should be a source of inspiration, not a distraction. He/she should make you want to fulfill your dreams, not give them up.

Secondly, he/she shouldn’t make you dread the days ’til you leave but instead make you look forward to it. This isn’t easy, but if he/she really loves you, he/she would make every day count instead of making you feel bad until you have to get on that plane and go.

Third, a partner who really loves you should remind you to stay on track and to keep in line with your goals. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone who says “Baby, don’t forget about your workshop today.” or “Hey, I found this class you could take that could help you when you’re studying abroad.” or “Babe, don’t forget to send your application today!” Those are the makings of a great boyfriend/girlfriend and not just that but a partner for life. He/She’s showing you that he/she wants you to succeed even if it’s hard for her/him to see you go.

Fourth, a partner who really loves you would never ever ever ever ask you to stay for him/her. Why? Because your partner should know just how bad you want this, how bad you want to get out there to fulfill your dreams and at the same time.

Honestly, no matter what, you should always put yourself and your dreams first because you only get one shot. And when it’s time for your partner to take his/her own shot, you’ll be there too.

So what should you choose, lover or career? Well, I say… why not both? I believe that if you really want something, you’ll work for it. And that when two people really love each other, they’ll always find a way, even when they’re 5896539238901 miles apart.


This is How I’ll Love You

I am not perfect.

Please don’t expect me to be.

I will make mistakes. I will do stupid things that I will regret the morning after. I will be stubborn and reckless and mean. I will forget the things you say and I will always say I’m right.

But if there’s one thing I can do, it’s to promise to love you with all that I am.

I promise to greet you every morning and every night.

I promise to say sorry (eventually) after every fight.

I promise to support you in all your endeavors, even if it means time taken away from me.

I promise to always tell you about my day and to ask you about yours.

I promise to sing to you and dance with you when you ask me to (even if I end up looking awkward and silly).

I promise to listen to all your rants & problems even when you’re whiney.

I promise to make up with you and never let a fight last too long.

I promise to go on all kinds of adventures with you, even if it’s just a trip to the nearest Burger King.

I promise to kiss all your tears away when you feel like you’re breaking down.

I promise to appreciate you, all your efforts, all your acts of love.

I promise to keep you on track when you’re falling behind, even if it means pushing you to your limits.

I promise to never forget you, even if one day, we may have to go our separate ways. *knocks on wood*

Cause that’s what true love is, that despite everything, despite time, distance and circumstance, you still choose to love the person, no matter what.


A Little More Time

All I need is just a little more time

A little more time to hold you

Cause even if I have a lifetime

Forever doesn’t even seem long enough

And all I ask is just a little more time

A little more time to love you


The Everyday “I Do’s”

Love is about the everyday ‘I do’s’.

It’s not “make a choice now, go with the flow forever”.

Love is about choosing your person everyday.


Because love isn’t perfect.

Love isn’t some fairytale story about true love that lasts forever.

You work hard for real love.

Love isn’t about the choice you made but the choices you make everyday.

Because love has it’s good days and it’s bad days.

During the bad days, you may feel like giving up.

Like moving on to someone else would make things easier.

Or ending everything would put your stress to rest.


If you really love your person and want the relationship to work, then choose you person.

Every single damn day.

Even on the bad days when you don’t feel the spark anymore or you don’t feel excitement anymore.

Because I swear if it’s real love, it’s there.

It will always be there.

You just have to open your eyes and see it.

Life gets in the way all the time but that doesn’t give you a reason to quit.

Because when you truly love someone, it isn’t just for a week or just a day,

it’s forever.


Life is hard.

Sometimes, life makes you want to close up your heart and be selfish.

But whatever you do, don’t.

Always always choose to love.


Hope you enjoyed my short love post 💕 And I hope you guys are all having a great Valentine’s day! (Even if you’re one of those who call this day ‘Single- Awareness Day’ 😉 cause hey, I’ve been there)

Don’t forget to spread the love! 💘

leadiiinglady xx

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10 different lipstick shades & how to rock ’em 😉💄

Disclaimer: These are my perosnal works and opinions 🙂

Leadiiinglady Travels: San Felipe, Zambales

Presenting, my first LL (leadiiinglady) Travels post! Enjoy 💜

Last January 28, I went on a day trip to San Felipe, Zambales with my best friend, Liz & my boyfriend, Boo.

Before that, Boo told me that he saw something on Facebook about going to Zambales for tree planting & meeting the tribes. It was from a page called MAD Travel PH – Tribes, Treks & Islands. I checked it out and saw that they had different kinds of packages. Some included an overnight stay in Circle Hostel, others included island hopping. But because of our busy schedules,we decided to go with the day trip package.

(Liz- Boo- Me) My little adventure crew!

For this post, I will be telling you all about our trip to Zambales: our time with the Aetas and the adventures in between. Note: all pictures were taken and edited by me (except for the ones I’m in of course, they were taken by Boo) Ty btw to Liz and Boo for being the best models and greatest company ❤


We all met up and left Manila at 3am. It takes you around 4 hours to get there and we needed to be at the Circle Hostel, Zambales by 7:15 and so we decided to leave at that time.

Luckily it wasn’t that traffic and so we got there at exactly 7am.

Sign in front of Circle Hostel!

I wasn’t able to take a picture inside so the sign will have to do. Circle Hostel pretty much looks like a giant hut. It is very quaint and the wood’s been painted with many different colors. I wasn’t able to explore the second floor and so I’ll tell you guys a bit about the first floor. The first floor is divided into two parts: the eating area and the sleeping & shower area. In the eating area, there are wooden tables and chairs to sit on. The sleeping quarters on the other hand are filled with hammocks to sleep on that they just fold up during the day time. It was pretty interesting. I haven’t seen anything like that before and so for sure, I’ll come back to experience an overnight stay here.

To get to the grounds where the trek started, we had to take a jeep and a car. I chose to ride the jeep. I love riding jeepneys for some reason! Swear. It was a pretty long ride, around 20-30 minutes before we got to the area where we would start the trek.

At first, it was mostly mud we were trekking on, surrounded by tall grassimg_6392img_6417

And then it became sand, a wide stretch of endless sand.


Hi Liz & Boo

Look at that view!

Say hello to some of our guides.

From the get go, I could already tell that this was going to be a difficult but BEAUTIFUL trek. Yeah, the sand was pretty deep and it was hard to keep walking (esp with barely any hours of sleep) but the scenery captivated me and made every hard step worth it.



Say hello to our four-legged friend (and Manong- who doesn’t seem amused 😞 hahaha)

The two were really excited for this picture with their new friend.

Throughout the trek we walked through sand, mud, and- water.



Note: If you decide to go on this trek, use either sandals, slippers or trekking shoes! Don’t use your nice rubber shoes because there is now way you can get through this trek without getting them super duper dirty.

After about an hour and a half of trekking, we all decided to take a dip. The water was so cold! It felt AMAZING. It was also crystal clear and so I really appreciated that (random fact about me: I don’t like dipping my feet when I can’t see what I’m stepping on hahaha)








Afterwards, we started on our trek again. BUT this time we got to ride on the carabao thingy which Lizelle really enjoyed, as you can see.



After 45 minutes, we finally got to our destination: the Aeta village.

*****Note: I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures of the Aeta village because I chose to be interactive instead of behind the lens the whole time. I did take a few pictures though especially of the kids- they really enjoyed smiling for the camera.*****

When we got to the village, the people were very welcoming. They smiled at us as we passed by and the children were hiding behind the older ones wondering who we were but smiling nonetheless. (I think they were shy at the start but they eventually warmed up to us)

They served us ube chips and lemongrass tea for snacks. I don’t really eat ube but I decided to eat the chips out of courtesy and hey I actually really liked them! Also, they made it out of their local ube and so that’s pretty cool!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a picture of our lunch but for lunch they fed us fish, adobo, tinola and rice. I tried everything and they were all delicious. While we were eating, they kept asking me if I was okay, if the food was good and if I wanted more. They were very very very accommodating.

After lunch, we got to explore the village and the few activities they had. Some of us tried Archery with bows and arrows they made themselves while the others (including me) went to the classroom to interact with the children and read them books. We noticed that they would pick a random book and just skim through the pages. They didn’t understand the words. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at my Tagalog and so Boo decided to translate some books for them and the children enjoyed this very much.

Selfie with all the kids!


The children were very happy and friendly and they loved smiling for the camera! Click away for a better look!


After the activities, the chief toured us around the village showing us different planting grounds, trees and huts. It was great because we got to learn a lot about their livelihood. Afterwards, they told us that they prepared a short program for us. First, one of the elders danced their “courtship dance”, she even pulled a few boys from the group to dance with her. Later on, the children performed a dance that mimics the actions of different animals. We were all having fun because everyone was so funny and game. There was a point during one of the dances when Boo and I both got pulled in and at first I was SUPER SHY cause I don’t dance but then someone went “You’re doing it!” and I was like OMG??? And then there. I got confident hahaha. For the last dance, they made it a bit of a “competition”. They would give flower crowns to those who danced the best. I got one so that must mean something right??? I really had a great time 🙂

The next part of our adventure was tree planting! It’s the goal of the village as well as the people behind it (with Circle Hostel and Mad Travel PH) to save the rainforests in the Philippines. With the help of the indigenous tribes, they are working to plant as many trees as possible to benefit the land as well as the people who live in these areas. For this activity, we each brought with us two little trees to the tree planting grounds around 30 minutes away from the village.

This little one wanted to join us. She brought her own little tree with her!

This was on our way to the tree planting grounds.

This picture doesn’t give justice to this view.

One of my favorite photos from this trip 🙂

I have such beautiful friends 🙂 hahaha








I am very happy with my plants.

At the tree planting grounds.

Tree planting grounds/nursery

We were all assigned to do different things. Some of us worked on uprooting the bigger trees from the nursery and transferring them outside, others worked on fixing the canopy on top of the nursery while some even worked on cleaning and maintaining the nursery.

(Here is Boo trying to figure out how to cut some branches off a tree since we needed extra wood for the little trees’ support.)

Here are our last few pictures from the trip!

With the chief of the Aeta Village.

I loveeee this picture of some of the children!!

Playing with the water.

Another picture I really like 🙂

Afterwards, it was finally time to head home. As we were saying goodbye, the children smiled & waved and I couldn’t help but feel really happy that I got to spend the day with them. It’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this. (I’ve never met an indigenous tribe before) But for sure this experience will not be my last.

On our way back, we got to ride the carabao cart thingy again and for a while, I actually fell asleep. It was actually super comfortable!



After we got back to the town, we ended our adventure with a sunset by the beach.

Sunset by the beach to end the day.

All in all, this day was nothing short of wonderful. Never in a million years did I think I was going to be doing this. But now I’m thinking, why didn’t I do this sooner?

I’m just really glad I have someone who likes taking me on adventures to new places. (Hi Boo!)

If you guys are interested, go check out MAD Travel PH: Tribes, Treks & Islands. You won’t regret it!

Til the next one xx

Til next time! xx leadiiinglady

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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo your way & be a Princess for a day! 👸🏽👸🏻👸🏼

This is my favorite post so far.

Well, I’ve only made 5 posts so far but still hahaha…

Who here has always dreamed of being a Disney Princess? I’m sure a lot of you have!

What I love about my current job is that I get to live that dream every single weekend.

Short background.

Ever since I was a little girl, it’s always been my dream to be a Disney Princess. My mom told me that at two-years-old, I already started singing Disney songs. I sang ‘Part of Your World’ with a fork and even ‘Gaston’ with all the voices! And so she says it’s no surprise that I do what I do today.

Disney was a BIG PART of my childhood. And so when I got into Madison Events Inc. (check out their fb page!!!), you can just imagine how excited I was to finally live my dream of being a Disney Princess!!! Every weekend, I get to dress up as a different Disney Princess and every time it is still so magical.

I’ve been doing this for almost two years and I’ve never been happier. It’s come to a point when it isn’t even just about my dream anymore but about the childrens’ dreams. Seeing their eyes light up when I come into the room as their favorite Disney Princess makes this experience so much more fulfilling. It’s a blessing every single day 🙂

Throughout my journey as a Disney Princess, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks about that I would like to share with you all in this post today! It isn’t hard to be a princess, it just takes faith, trust, pixie dust and well, lots and lots of make-up!

***Note: I wasn’t able to use the costumes or wigs for my final look because all of them are owned by Madison Events and so I just made do with whatever I had at home hahaha***



Ariel is my personal favorite. I consider ‘The Little Mermaid’ one of the best Disney Princess movies ever and if you don’t agree with me, I will fight you. (Really). Ariel was one of the first Disney Princesses I’ve got to be for Madison Events. I remember trying on the costume for the first time and how it was just right for me. Tbh, I’ve stuck to Ariel ever since.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetFor this look, I chose to focus on blues and greens…yknow “mermaid colors” (look, my highighter is blue!!!) Also, I used a sort of reddish eyeshadow for my brows since she’s a redhead (but I didn’t have a red wig huhu). For my lips, I used Happy Skin x Disney Ariel lipstick! Always moisturize lips beforehand! (Note: For most of my performances, I use Happy Skin lipstick depending on the princess I’m playing) 

Make-up used:

Foundation – NAKED Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector (Light- Medium)

Concealer – Etude House Big Puff Concealer (Sand)

Setting Powder – RCMA Powder

Blush – Happy Skin Enchanted Rose Blush (Peach)

Contour – Tony Moly Contour Stick (darkest shade)

Highlight: Wet n Wild Rainbow Highlighter

Eyeshadow – Tartelette Amazonian Clay Palette & NYX

Mascara – Tarte Lights Camera Lashes (black)

Lipstick – Happy Skin x Disney Ariel Lipstick


Complete with hair & costume……….





Elsa is next in line as my favorite Disney Princess!!! (well… Queen) hahaha if I’m not playing Ariel, it’s usually cause I’m playing Elsa. Personally, I love doing Elsa’s make-up the most because I like how she has more eye make-up than most of the other Princesses (check out the picture above!!!) This makes it more challenging and fun 🙂

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetFor this look, I focused on the eyes. I usually do a smokey eye look with purple shades for Elsa’s make-up. Aside from that, I make sure that my eyebrows aren’t too dark since she’s blonde and so I like to use Etude House’s liquid Brow Gel in super light brown to keep my brows light! For my lips, I always use my Happy Skin Elsa Lipstick! (Note: I don’t usually like dark shades of lipstick on me but for some reason, this works!!!)

Make-up used:

Foundation – NAKED Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector (Light- Medium)

Concealer – Etude House Big Puff Concealer (Sand)

Setting Powder – RCMA Powder

Blush – Happy Skin Enchanted Rose Blush (Peach)

Contour – Tony Moly Contour Stick (darkest shade)

Highlight – Anastasia Glow Kit Sun-dipped (Summer)

Eyeshadow – Tartelette Amazonian Clay Palette & Morphe 35W

Brows – Etude House Brow Gel (light brown)

Mascara – Tarte Lights Camera Lashes (black)

Lipstick – Happy Skin x Disney Elsa Lipstick


Complete with hair & costume……





Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of Snow White. Maybe it’s because of the scary witch or because her Prince didn’t even have a name??? IDK I just never liked her. Recently though, I was given the chance to play her… And I have to say that getting to be her was quite fun, especially cause of the make-up (HAHAHA)

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetFor Snow White, it’s all about the lips and eyebrows. I used the Happy Skin Ariel Lipstick + Anna Lipstick cause I don’t have the Snow White one to make it more red. For the eyebrows, I used my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate and I just made sure to really shade my brows so that they’re very dark and prominent. Aside from that, I also did a bit of a smokey eyeshadow look for this one. If you noticed in the movie, Snow has dark eyelids!!! And so I conclude that she started the smokey eye look. *bows*

Make-up used:

Foundation – NAKED Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector (Light- Medium)

Concealer – Etude House Big Puff Concealer (Sand)

Setting Powder – RCMA Powder

Blush – Happy Skin Enchanted Rose Blush (Peach)

Contour – Tony Moly Contour Stick (darkest shade)

Highlight – Make-up Revolution Sugar n Spice (pink highlight shade)

Eyeshadow – Tartelette Amazonian Clay Palette & Lorac Pro

Brows – Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (Chocolate)

Mascara – Tarte Lights Camera Lashes (black)

Lipstick – Happy Skin x Disney Ariel Lipstick + Anna Lipstick


Complete with hair & costume…….





Whenever I tell people about my job, the first thing they always as is, “Do you play Belle?” I don’t know, I guess I come across as a Belle??? Believe it or not, I’ve only played Belle twice. But both times have been amazing. I would like to be her again and again. I feel like Belle is such a classy princess and so you’ll notice that my make-up for her is very elegant and simple.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetFor this look, the key was SIMPLICITY. Belle is a simple princess who doesn’t need royalty or riches. Give her a book and she’s good!!! And so I kept the make-up light. I kept my eyeshadow simple by using pink for the base and using dark brown for the crease. I also added a bit of gold/bronze in the middle of the lid to add a bit more ‘hmph’. As for the eyebrows, they’re a bit darker than Elsa’s but still light. For the cheeks and contour, I kept it very natural looking. For the lips, again I used Happy Skin x Disney, Belle’s shade!

Make-up used:

Foundation – NAKED Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector (Light- Medium)

Concealer – Etude House Big Puff Concealer (Sand)

Setting Powder – RCMA Powder

Blush – Happy Skin Enchanted Rose Blush (Peach)

Contour – Tony Moly Contour Stick (darkest shade)

Highlight – Anastasia Glow Kit Sun Dipped (summer)

Eyeshadow – Tartelette Amazonian Clay Palette & Juvia’s (Nubian 2 palette)

Brows – K- Palette Eyebrow powder (dark brown)

Mascara – Tarte Lights Camera Lashes (black)

Lipstick – Happy Skin x Disney Belle Lipstick


Complete with hair & costume…….


So that was it for my Princess post but I can assure you there will be many more! 😉


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Disclaimer: All characters belong to Disney and all costumes & wigs belong to Madison Events Inc. (Check them out on facebook!!!) Also, these are my own personal takes on the Disney Princess looks. They’re not super accurate but I’m proud of them anyway 🙂

Here are a few pictures with my other princess friends!!!

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Stay tuned for my next post about my day trip to Zambales! 😊