Hello world ✨ it’s finally happening!

Who knew that a random, corny, silly excuse for a Twitter username would turn into this?

I started using the username ‘leadiiinglady’ for Twitter back in 2012. It was inspired by musical theatre which I am still very much into ’til this day. People used to ask me, “Why do you have three I’s?” and my response? Because ‘leadinglady’ was already taken and two ‘I’s’ felt incomplete. And so I went with three.

Ever since then, the nickname just stuck to me. It’s become my instagram username, my email address & now, my blog. ‘Til this day, people know me for it. My friends know me for it. Even my family knows me for it.”Hey it’s leadiiinglady!” / “Hey leadinglady with three I’s!” hahaha and sooo now, it’s just… well, me.

That’s why, even before I created this blog, I already knew what was going to be shown up there in the title page of my very own site: leadiiinglady.

Call it cheesy or cliche but hey, it’s who I am. Sure, my life may not be that exciting compared to the others out there but I guess that’s what makes me a bit different. In this blog, I am going to write about and share with you guys the simple joys that I experience everyday. Because in the end, those things are what make life count, what make life beautiful. And so get ready for posts about all kinds of beauty, staying healthy, adventures near and far, as well as posts about the arts, both performing and visual.

Just maybe, through this blog, you’ll get to discover the simple joys in your everyday life. Because every day counts, and every day is worth living to the fullest. 🙂

leadiiinglady xx

(a copy of this can be found in my ‘about’ page 🙂

*****STAY TUNED FOR MY NEXT POST: My everyday make-up routine (drugstore & high end make-up brands 💕)*****